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Glenn Da Viken

Glenn Da Viken

- Handle made from recycled fishing nets, enriched with shells for maximum optimization of impact resistance.

- Each Glenn is unique and numbered. The first 2 letters indicate the port of origin of the recycled fishing nets used for its manufacture.

- The blade is made of high quality MA5 stainless steel with anti-corrosion cryogenic treatment.

- The blade locking system is suitable for safety at sea.

- Blade size : 10 cm - Handle size: 13 cm - Weight: 62 gr.

The translation of Da Garan into Breton is... I love you.

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Have the blade laser engraved (+€6): Treat yourself to a personalized knife with a first name, a date, the name of a boat...
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Why is each Glenn unique?

On the one hand, each Glenn has an identification number on his blade. The latter takes the form of the registration number of a boat and indicates the origin of the port of the fishing nets used during its manufacture. Furthermore, scallop shells are integrated into the handle during manufacturing. No Glenn handle is therefore identical to another

Why is the Glenn blade known as one of the most corrosion resistant?

The thickness of the blade is 2.5 mm. We use high performance MA5 steel which we also treat with cryogenics, which allows it to resist much more contact with sea water. To ensure that it remains impeccable throughout its life, we however recommend that you wipe the blade with a cloth after use.

What is the delivery delay ?

We ship orders within 5 to 7 days depending on delivery location. If your Glenn requires engraving, this deadline remains unchanged.