The Legend of Glenn

Glenn was born in France, in the town of Plouescat, not far from Roscoff. The legend specifies that this knife has its origins in a fishermen's café, the Enez Eog, a beautiful granite house built in 1912, located rue du port.

One stormy night, a fisherman was swept away by a wave. It is said that Glenn then jumped from the boat, cut the mesh of the fishing net in which his friend had become entangled and managed to bring him back on board.
The only loss was Glenn's knife, which fell to the ocean floor during the rescue. The miraculous offered him his own, the shape of which was characteristic : folded, it took the shape of a boat hull.
That same evening, at the Enez Eog, Glenn bought a round and made a toast, exclaiming : "May this knife bring us good luck and may tomorrow's fishing be good for all !" The next day the fishing was exceptional, this miracle was attributed to Glenn and his new knife. Since that day, tradition says that to seal a lasting friendship in Brittany, the person who receives a knife must offer a drink in exchange, to the health of the seafarers.